The Fighting Unicorns Want You!

by Ying Ying Yang

Although many of you might have heard of the robotics team, most of you probably are not really familiar with it. It is one of the coolest things offered by HB, and here is a brief introduction to the Robotics Team!

The HB Robotics Team is called the Fighting Unicorns, and each year we build a robot to battle in the First Robotics Competition. Every year has a theme, and last year it was “Recycle Rush” so we had to build a robot that can stack totes together and move around recycle bins. We competed in the Buckeye Regional last year, at which we won the “Regional Inspirational Award.” With this award, we moved up to Worlds and competed against teams from around the US and other countries as well.

In robotics, the whole team is divided into different sub-teams and each sub-team is in charge of a vital aspect of a successful robotics team.

  • Design: designs the robots on computer
  • Fabrication: builds the robot physically according to the 3-D model from design sub-team
  • Electrical: in charge of the electrical aspects of the robots, such as electrical board
  • Programming: programs the robots to function and move
  • Business: takes care of the fundraising, organizes events such as bake sales
  • Branding: designs T-shirts and posters and is in charge of social media
  • Safety: makes sure every team member is working under a safe environment.

Once pre-season is over and the building season starts (which lasts to February), the team works every day from 6 to 9 pm. You don’t have to come every day and stay for three hours, so you can come when you are available. After the build season, we usually take our robotics to regional competitions. This year we are doing a Buckeye Regional and Cincinnati Regional. These competitions happen during Spring Break, and no one misses school!

If you are interested in hand-on stuff, you should definitely join the Robotics team. Even if you aren’t, you should still consider joining the Fighting Unicorns because we have some super cool sub-teams that don’t have to actually build to robotics, like Business and Branding. If you are interested in more than one sub-team, you can if you have time. If you are interested in joining the Fighting Unicorns, email or talk to our team captain, Hannah Keyerleber (