by Sukhmani Kaur

A crinkled water bottle with water droplets clinging to its insides stands proudly on a smooth, shiny table. After some time, a careless human picks up the empty bottle and chucks it into a trash bin with an excited whelp “three-point shot”– their claim to fame. Friends join in and rejoice with the triumphant individual. However, the bottle lays flat and upset, as it knows it has been placed into the wrong home. The journey that lies ahead is a path of misfortune, perils, and disgust. It will soon be taken to a smelly and disgusting residence along with many other objects that don’t belong there: a landfill.

Thousands of people allow water bottles, paper, cans, and other recyclables to meet similarly unhappy fates. Even though we know that we are jeopardizing the safety of our environment, we just don’t taken the time to recycle, reuse, or reduce waste production. Many of us never appreciate this amazing and beautiful planet we call home.

In the last two centuries, we have created many revolutionary technologies. We need to use these inventions to remind ourselves of Earth’s bountiful treasures and how we can leave a legacy of protecting them for our future generations. Now that autumn is here, let’s take the time to slow down, appreciate nature, and make an effort to preserve our enchanting and enigmatic world. I want to share these pictures from around the globe that I have taken throughout my travels.

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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