What’s Up With the Business & Finance Center?

by Emily Coffey


The Business and Finance Center, one of HB’s many splendid designated centers, has started new initiatives this year and found many ways to provide students with hands on experience with different aspects of the business world. HB’s café is one of the center’s newest student projects. It has been set up like a real business; an extensive interview process was used in order to choose a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operation Officer, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, and Vice President for Customer Service. CEO Izzy Catanzaro (Senior) along with Julia Felderman (Senior), Alexa Papanikalau (Junior) and Imani Rucker (Freshman) are running every facet of the coffee shop and gaining exceptional experience along the way! The Hath Caff is also working with other student groups, such as the idea lab and certain math classes, to create logos and develop their website. Here are some words from Izzy Catanzaro with more information about the anticipated Hath Caff.

What Challenges can you expect?

Since it is completely student run, following all the legal codes and health regulations may be difficult during the process. Also, having a diverse selection of products to make the costumer happy.

What are you most excited about?

To open. It is going to be so awesome. I am really excited for the student body to see what we have done with it.

What kind of beverages/food can we expect?

Basic coffee drinks, juices, teas. We are looking into having baked goods and bagels but are still figuring out potential relationships with vendors.

Anything else?

Get excited people!


Along with the Hath Caff, a similar student-run project has begun this year. A small group of students are operating a concession stand at sporting events. Calling themselves “HBS Concessions”, they are looking to improve the selection of food at sporting events so students and parents can not only be entertained but also well fed while brave blazer athletes battle fierce and intense competition. They are likewise managing every facet of the business, including marketing, finance, accounting, product selection, and profit. Other Business Center endeavors continued from previous years include field trips, an emphasis on the learning of entrepreneurship, and Titan, a computer simulation that mimics the running of a company.