by Katie Raguz

Sometimes at HB it can be easy to forget about the service community. On the occasional Monday or Wednesday morning you may see a service representative or two making an announcement about an upcoming service trip (or maybe not, morning meetings are such a blur). You may be in Ms. Hiedemann’s CBL class, heavily involved in service on your own, or maybe you’ve decided that there’s just not enough time in your schedule for volunteering. Yes, we’re all busy. But what if I told you that just one trip with a group of your fellow classmates and friends could impact hundreds of people at a time? That’s what the group service trips provided by HB do! Just a few students could make a huge difference in the lives of people in our community. Through trips to organizations such as the Cleveland Food Bank, 2100 Lakeside, Montefiore, and Lake Erie Ink, we are able to interact with the Greater Cleveland community and truly make an impact. Here’s a description of a few ways you can help:

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank: One in six residents of the greater Cleveland area are food insecure each year. The Food Bank aspires to solve this issue by providing food for low- income families. HB has helped the Food Bank in the past by packing backpacks of meals for children to take home for the weekend, helping set up for events, and individually packaging food. We also donate our canned and non-perishable goods to the Food Bank each year in the Stuff The Bus event. (This year it’s November 20th! Please bring goods!)

2100 Lakeside: This is a men’s shelter on the Westside that provides daily meals for the homeless. HB students often go to 2100 Lakeside on Thursdays to serve meals to the men, and have had many great experiences there.

Montefiore: Montefiore is a nursing home in Beachwood. One popular event that HB students love to attend at Montefiore is Bingo night. Girls that volunteer there report that they’ve learned so many amazing life lessons and stories from the residents!

Lake Erie Ink: Lake Erie Ink is an after school program where young children who have a passion for writing can spend their time honing their skills. This organization allows children of low-income families to express themselves and succeed in school. HB students have played with the kids and planted flowers at the organization. It’s actually not too far from HB!

The best thing about these trips is that even attending them once will allow you to make a difference, and you don’t need to have any volunteer experience! Service through HB has truly impacted several aspects of my life, and I will never forget the memorable times that I have had through both the group trips after school and my volunteering placements through Service Learning. Please take the time to consider volunteering at some point in your high school career, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming service trips (usually held Mondays and Thursdays)!

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