An HB Girl’s Guide to Studying

by Lilly Rothschild

As HB students, I’m sure you have heard it all. Every teacher gives their own studying tips and of course all of this is useful, but study habits can vary dramatically from person to person. Here are a few common study habits that you may or may not take under consideration.

Music or no music?

I know it’s much more enjoyable to study with music, although it can sometimes be more distracting than helpful. Certain subjects, like English, can be done when studying with music while others, like math, will simply cause you to be side tracked.. What type of music is easier to study from? There is much research on this topic of types of music and study habits.

Find a routine.

Finding a manageable and constant routine is essential! Having routine throughout the week will allow you to stay organized and eventually guide you to use your time even more wisely. Ultimately, time management skills depend on your daily routine. For example, Maggie Amjad, a Sophomore, plays volleybal for HB. Since her practice begins at 5:30 she utilizes her time after school in order to have time to relax at home. Her routine consists of time to eat with her family and 10 minute breaks in between subjects. Maybe it works for you to always split up history and English, which can have a lot of reading, or math and science, which often have a lot of calculations. Find what works for you.

Where do you work?

Most importantly: is your study space quiet? If it’s not, it really should be. If it isn’t obvious, this is so that you can focus on what you are doing and nothing else. Also, a desk or table is ideal for staying awake and alert. It may be tempting to just sit on your bed or lay everything out on the floor, but sitting in a chair at a desk forces you to stay on task and can minimize distractions.

Eating and Drinking.

Sometimes all we need is a cup of hot chocolate or ice cream to get to work. Find something that makes you happy so that it is easier to focus. Sometimes on an overwhelming night of homework, this is all you need to get back into the zone.

No phones!

Many of us are tempted by a buzzing phone and even if you aren’t, I still suggest keeping your phone far away while doing homework. Do not disturb is a fabulous and useful feature but that still doesn’t cut it. Just the closeness of your phone adds temptation. We are human and it is normal to give into distractions, but during homework time it’s ideal to think only about the work in front of you.Begin minimizing distractions by starting with your phone- homework is a perfect excuse to leave a conversation!

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