by Taylor Herrick, Marisa Lancaster, and Christine Coyne

Since Apple’s recent release of their new music-streaming app, Apple Music, you may have felt conflicted as to where to keep your music listening priorities, Spotify or Apple Music? We interviewed some students and looked into both of the apps to see what both Apple Music and Spotify are all about, and how they compare.

Spotify has brought over 20 million songs to the ears of many since its release in February 2009. Spotify allows you to follow your friends and favorite artists to see what they’re listening to and stay up to date with new releases. You can even follow President Obama and see what he’s listening to! (I’ve noticed he’s been listening to Hotline Bling a lot lately). You can also make collaborative playlists where anyone has the ability to add songs to your playlist; this feature is great for group events. Spotify also offers mood playlists fit for any mood you’re in, whether it is partying, studying, or relaxing. Spotify Premium allows listeners to stream music offline, commercial free for just $9.99 a month, with a free first month trial, and a $5 discount ioffered to college students, contrary to Apple Music. Spotify is perfect for exploring new genres and artists; a “Discover Weekly” Playlist is released every week, customized to you, based off of what you enjoy listening to. On the downside, Spotify’s shuffle feature is noticeably weaker than Apple Music’s. While Spotify will shuffle the original playlist, songs by the same artist will commonly play consecutively. Artists like Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, The Beatles and Dr. Dre have yet to hop on the bandwagon and release their music for access on Spotify. Most people who were subscribers of Spotify before Apple Music came out are still hesitant on switching over. Ellie Cascio, a loyal Spotify Premium subscriber suggested that as of now, Apple Music is inferior to Spotify and also said, “I really like Spotify because all of my friends have Spotify and we all collaborate on playlists. I like to see what my friends are listening to; I love it.”

To compete with Spotify’s epidemic success, Apple launched a similar music streaming service early this summer. Apple Music is easily accessible and user-friendly on any Apple mobile device. Apple Music costs $9.99 per month, but with the family plan it is a total of $14.99 per month for 6 family members, costing only $2.50 for each member. What a steal! This service also provides a free three-month trial so that you will be able to check out what all the hype has been about before actually purchasing the full membership. Apple Music not only caters to your personal music taste, but it also observes the genres of music you’ve recently been listening to so that the Apple editors can introduce new music that will be sure to correlate with what you have been listening to. With over 28 million songs, Apple Music dominates Spotify’s large selection of available music. Also, unlike streaming and downloading songs, Apple Music allows members to download and own the songs that are already stored in your phone. Sure, Spotify allows you to connect with friends and family, but with Apple Music you can connect with your favorite celebrities and artists. Recently, artists such as Pharrell Williams have been turning towards Apple Music to reach out to their fans and post their recent collaborations and inspirations. After speaking with junior, Delani Hughes, Apple Music seemed to be a very efficient and organized service. She said “[Apple music] sorts everything out really nicely, and you can watch all the music videos, and you get updates when new albums come out.”

Both Apple Music and Spotify have a basic rate of $9.99 a month making the choice very difficult! Both services contain great radio station features where you can choose your favorite artist, album, or genre and they will curate a station for you. Another similarity is the option to listen to music offline without using data, as if you had bought the song on iTunes. This option of having millions of songs to listen to at their fingertips is the reason why so many people purchase a subscription to a music streaming service. In conclusion, Spotify seems to be the better service for discovering new music and connecting with friends. On the other hand, Apple music appeals to people who are comfortable with their library and want to continue exploring artists and genres with which they are already familiar. So which will it be – Spotify or Apple Music?

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