by Lizzie Crotty

There’s a plague traveling through the halls of HB. No, it isn’t the black plague, Ebola (tbt), or the flu; it’s stress. Everyone is drowning in the sea of homework and being crushed by the weight of all their responsibilities, and no one seems to be able to get any relief. For this reason I have compiled a list of some of the things I do or know of others doing to relieve stress. So, next time you’re on the verge of having a mental or emotional breakdown try one of the things on this list. It will take a small amount of time to complete and you will be much more productive after you relieve some stress.

  1. Bake something

I am a firm believer that food is the answer to most of my problems, but there is definitely value in the act of baking the food beyond just eating it. When it feels as if you can do nothing right in the world, knowing that you can at least mix some things in a bowl and create something incredible and edible is a little magical.

  1. Pet a pet

Petting your dog, cat, hamster, turtle, iguana, chinchilla, or whatever else you may have can be a great stress reliever.

  1. Punch a pillow or punching bag

Allowing your stress to be manifested physically can be really healing, but of course this needs to be done in a controlled manner. Running around punching people willy-nilly is not a safe outlet for stress, but your pillow won’t be too offended.

  1. Write about it

Letting your stress flow out through your pencil is one of the coolest ways to get rid of it. Write about everything that is bothering you and you may find yourself feeling free, as if you have just passed your burdens off of your shoulders and onto the page.

  1. Have a dance party

For me, there is no problem that dancing like a mad man to Bet on It by Zac Efron wont fix. On that note, watching this video can be fairly healing as well: (thank you twitter)

  1. Run

Yeah, I know running may be traumatic for some people, but you don’t have to run for 3 hours to feel its effects. Honestly, even just running for 10 seconds as fast as you possibly can will leave you feeling less frustrated than you were before.

  1. Go to sleep

Seriously. There are a lot of problems that sleep can solve, and exhaustion only exacerbates them. If you find that you actually have TOO much work to do and need more time, wake up early and do homework. You can sleep off some of your stress and wake up with a fresher mindset that may actually enable you to finish the work faster.

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