Love Wins

by Camryn Parsons

June 25th, 2015, was a day to remember. On that day the United States same-sex marriage was legalized and our country was changed. Finally, thousands of people were officially allowed to celebrate their love through marriage. Now I am not sure why this law was not created hundreds of years ago, but I do know I was grateful it was able to come in my lifetime. June 25, 2015 was a day to remember, and so was Saturday October 3rd, 2015 – a day that showed what perseverance looks like. It showed hope, strength, and courage. But most of all, it showed love.

On October 3rd, I went to the wedding party of two of our best family friends. These two women really showed what love was. Sandy and Tracy had been together for twenty-nine years, and the state still denied them marriage. They even created a family by adopting three children out of the foster care system. Love is not easy, and it is even harder when your love is not thought of as equal. Finally, after all those years together, their love was recognized as important as anyone else’s. Sandy and Tracy were married by a woman named Paula, who said at the celebration, “To me, their wedding is more a ‘renewal of their vows’ – vows that they made to each other over 20 years ago. Tracy and Sandy have been living in a committed, loving relationship- they have been family to each other and the three children they adopted and raised together.” I think the story of Sandy and Tracy shows what love truly is.  Love is powerful; love is ever-lasting; love is overcoming.

I think Saturday the third was proof that love cannot be limited, and love will wait. Everyone should be able to love, and everyone should be able to show their love. Love will fight, but love will not lose. Love wins.

Image credit: Camryn Parsons