by Regan Brady and Lina Ghosh

As each school year passes, it gets harder and harder for each of us to find time for ourselves on top of our school and extracurricular commitments. Just ask yourself, when was the last time you did something for fun? Whether it’s going on Tumblr and reblogging self-pity posts or watching some Parks & Rec to distract yourself from the seven tests and five papers due later that week, you all deserve to treat yo’ selves occasionally for being sane human beings in the face of unbelievable stress.

As the weather becomes cooler, the days get longer, and sweaters get warmer, we know that fall is upon us. Halloween and Thanksgiving break are just around the corner! Here are some ways you can enjoy yourself (after turning in those five essays) around Cleveland this fall! Bring along friends and family for a good time and remember, NO ONE IS EVER TOO OLD FOR TRICK OR TREATING! (don’t let your dentists tell you otherwise. Treat yo’ inner kid)

Outdoor Fall Activities: Although HB no longer hosts a Fall Family Festival of its own, you can enjoy one of the many fall family festivals put on by communities throughout the area. From hayrides to corn-mazes, these festivals have the classic fall attractions. Some favorites include: Sima’s Fall Farm Festival in Chagrin Falls, Pickering Hills Farm Festival in Avon, Patterson Fruit Farm Fall Festival in Chesterland, and Mapleside Farms in Brunswick. Be sure to check their websites for times, as most of these events take place on weekends in October only. The Circleville Pumpkin Show is another larger festival that over 100,000 people attend annually, featuring pumpkins, parades, and games over the weekend of October 24-25.

Apple Picking/Baking: Fall foods are some of the best parts of the season. Apple season is coming to a close in the next few weeks, and what better way to savor the season than to pick your own apples? Some of our favorite apple farms are Eddy’s and Patterson’s. Check out their websites before you visit to see the apple picking updates and to check which varieties will be at their peak when you visit. When you’re there, you will inevitably pick more apples than you will possibly consume, so when you get home, bake some pies with your friends! Purchase some pre-cut dough, pie tins, cinnamon, and you’re good to go.

Halloween: Think back to your childhood- what was your favorite part of Halloween? Dressing up and Trick or Treating, of course! Who says that high schoolers are too old to go Trick or Treating? We recommend scouring Pinterest for the most creative group costume and dressing up with your friends. Neighborhoods that are populous with children are your best bet to getting some serious candy.

Biking/Hiking: Make the most of the crisp fall weather before the temperatures drop. Head to one of the Cleveland Metroparks to go hiking or biking, while enjoying the fall scenery. Our favorites include the Acacia Reservation across the street from Legacy Village for jogging paths, the North Chagrin Reservation for hiking paths through the woods and areas to enjoy the wildlife, and South Chagrin Reservation for some beautiful fall scenery featuring the Chagrin River. Take your dog and enjoy a relaxing day outdoors. Remember to bring your camera to snap some shots of the fall foliage.

Cedar Point: Many people say that Cedar Point is much more enjoyable in the Fall, due to the cooler weather and shorter lines. Through the month of October, visit Cedar Point on a Friday or Saturday from 6 PM to Midnight to enjoy Halloweekends. If you are not one who enjoys being spooked, make sure you don’t stay for the Haunt events, which occur later in the evening, with zombies and the like running amok. If you enjoy being spooked, visit one of the 6 “scare zones” or one of the 6 haunted mazes, but be warned- these attractions are not for the faint of heart.

Haunted Houses:  If you are not up for the drive to Cedar Point to enjoy one of their houses- have no fear! There are many haunted houses nearby. Cleveland’s largest and most popular Haunted House is 7 Floors of Hell. This haunted house features 7 different haunted houses, which will provide for hours of entertainment. Floors for this year include: House of Nightmares, Mental Ward, Slaughter House, Shadows, Bio-X, Circus of Death, and Walking Undead. This haunted house is the scariest in Cleveland by popular opinion, and only for those who have no fear. For other haunted houses in the area, we would recommend visiting to read reviews and find prices.

Enjoy a Fall Starbucks Drink: The classic fall favorite is newly revamped with much healthier and more natural ingredients, meaning that you can feel good about what you are drinking. The flavor is not compromised and it tastes as much like pumpkin pie as ever. You could also add additional shots of espresso to get an extra kick in the morning. If you are not a coffee fan, you can order a Pumpkin Creme, the same drink without the coffee. For those of you craving a warm sweet drink other than the PSL, the Toasted Graham Latte may be the perfect drink for you. This is a new drink that Starbucks introduced this year, described as a combination of graham cracker flavoring and sweet cream, with a topping of graham cracker crumbs.

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