by Grace Amjad

The short answer is no one. In freshman year there are four different types of people, new with sisters, new without sisters, returning without sisters, and returning with sisters (me!), but everyone is at least a little lost. Now onto the rules:

Rule #1

The freshman table is by the freshman lockers, and all other areas are to be claimed by other grades before we can come in. It seems this year freshman have taken our rightful table, which is incredibly messy right now, the table and couches on the other side of the offices, and many of the atrium tables as well.

Rule #2

Don’t take the upperclassmen’s lunch tables! It is hard to know which tables “belong” to whom, but just watch. If you are sitting at a table one day, look to see who is sitting there the next day, and if somebody is there it’s best to steer clear of that table. If you’re in need of a spot, use the atrium tables! They are there for a reason, mostly in place of the library, but it’s a great space to use!

Rule #3

This is my final rule, though I’m guilty of breaking it. For all those freshmen in SREP, the couches are for the upperclassmen! Our spot is the big table in the back of the room. You surely haven’t missed it, you probably just went for the couches because they look very inviting, but beware, they aren’t for us!

Those are all the rules I have for you all even thought there are many more. But I know I have made the upper classmen seem mean and scary, and they aren’t! They may be a bit intimidating, but they are here to help even though they may be a bit set in their ways. And just to sum things all up, everyone was a freshman at one time, so they do get it so don’t worry about messing up in the first few weeks of school, because they will understand.

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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