by Isha Lele and Addie Klimek

On September 19th, Apple released their newest technological innovations, the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. Although from the outside the iPhone hasn’t changed much from its previous edition, it actually has some new features that make the phone more competitive with other advanced systems. A key improvement is the remodeled Siri feature. Instead of having to reach for your phone and press a button to talk to Siri, you are now able to just shout, “Hey Siri!”, and she will respond and give you assistance. However, this is not new technology, seeing as that other smart phones have had hands-free control since 2013. Because “Hey Siri” is a constant voice detecting system, even when turned off, it drains a lot of battery.

3D touch, another advancement, allows you to hold down on an app and see various options, so you can start or use the app without opening it. It also includes a “Peek and Pop” option that lets you see what you were doing in other apps without pausing your actions in the other.

Another feature that makes the iPhone 6s stand out from all its competitors and previous models is “Live Photos”. When taking a photo, the new iPhone camera system keeps a buffer of a second and a half’s worth of motion frames before and after you take the photo. So when you go back to look at the still photo, you can press down on the image, which replays those few seconds, bringing the once still picture back to life. Testers of the phone however, have found some problems with this. If you move your camera immediately before or after taking the photo, that will show up in the live version. However, the still photo will never be affected by this and will come out just as clear as before.

Despite many advancements with this model, one of the largest problems people are encountering are the new speakers. Many users report the speakers as distorting the sound and changing the volume randomly, with things like alerts sounding like they are blowing out the speakers. A glitch in the phone also switches sounds like phone calls and music to play through the wrong speakers at the wrong volume. Another significant issue with the new phone is the home button, which has a tendency to get extremely hot even when the phone is not in use, causing the rest of the phone to overheat and shut down.

The iPhone 6s costs $650, while the iPhone 6s plus costs $750. 13 million people have already purchased it… Will you be one?

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