by Zoey Zelman

As a freshman, there are different aspects to my day than that of the average sophomore, junior, or senior. We are still getting used to the new schedule, new classes, and our new-found freedom. There are also some parts of our day that are the same as the grades above us, so I am here to explain to everyone who was a freshman (and may have forgotten what it is like to be one) a Day in the Life: Freshman Version. First, I would like to note that my daily schedule is different from a lot of other freshmen’s daily schedules because of our class choices. As an example, many of my fellow classmates chose to take SREP as a class, which is a choice I did not make. Anyways, onto what my day looks like.

So it either starts off with a meeting with my mentor group or a meeting with the entire Upper School, which is a nice way to start off the day, but meeting with the entire Upper School in one room where the Freshman are clearly separated from everyone else can be intimidating, but that feeling will soon go away (I hope). Then, I either have my first class or a free period. Because I have chosen not to participate in electives such as SREP, Studio Art Survey, Problem Solving, I have many more free periods than the average freshman, but when I do have a class I usually (somehow) enjoy it. Every second period except for D days, I have French 2 with not only freshmen, but also sophomores. I’m still getting used to the concept of having other people who are clearly not freshmen in my classes, but so far I really like having other people who aren’t in my grade in my class.

Next, the 30-minute period that happens everyday: Lab. Seriously, Upper School incorporating breakfast into a very hectic schedule – that was smart. When I was in Middle School, I always looked into the atrium when the Upper Schoolers were having breakfast, wishing that I could eat some of the food they have. Now having this privilege, I’ve found that the novelty wears off. It was cool at first, but now I don’t even get to have some of the good cereals, granola or fruit because of the rush of students trying to get their hands on whatever is good that day. There is that once-a-rotation lab/biology period that lasts 80 minutes long, but I still haven’t gotten used to it yet, so we’ll see how it goes.

Third and fourth periods are usually either classes or free periods again, so nothing different there, but then there is X period, something I definitely wish I had during Middle School. It’s a time to either relax, get some work done, go to the brown bag, or go to a (usually) fun class. I am part of Publication Design, which is so far fun because I like working with Photoshop and taking pictures, but that is only once a rotation, so for all my other X periods, I’m probably in Dr. Wonderly’s room messing around with friends.

Lunch. Sometimes it can be an easy-ish place to navigate, get surprisingly good food, and hang out with friends, but other times it is a zoo where a person has no room to eat or get food. There is no in between; as a freshman, I am for sure still getting used to this hectic lunch routine, but there is no doubt about it that Upper School lunches are better than Middle School lunches, even though we get the same food.

Fifth and Sixth periods are either the most exciting classes of the day, or the most boring. If it is during the middle of the week, I usually don’t mind these classes/free periods, but if it is a Friday afternoon where all I want to do is get out of the building, these classes seem to drag on forever. Also, why do classes end at 3:17? I am so used to looking at the clock and thinking “ok so classes end at 3:10” because that’s when I used to get out of classes. Now, when 3:10 comes around and the bell doesn’t ring, I am sitting there in disappointment realizing that I still have 7 more minutes of class left. Such a let down.

After school I either go home or go to sports practice, and that’s pretty much my day. I’m still getting used to the routines of the Upper School, the different types of teachers and classes, and the new student life, but I can say with confidence that I love Upper School and I can’t wait for the rest of this year.

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