by Katrina Frei-Herrmann & Brett Parsons

  • Driving into the front circle and seeing the cars in the front lot, you think “Oh wait. It’s senior prank day…Crap.
  • You try to walk in dodging silly string thinking “Thank goodness I wore my carnival shirt today!
  • Walking into the school you see and hear seniors…everywher
  • Quickly walking up the stairs, you turn to the right and see seniors skating around on scooters and car
  • Then you notice how loud the whistle is
  • You are forced to make your way under the caution tape everywhere, which is a challenge for everyone with a heavy backpack, especially the tall girls
  • You run past and reach the well lit student center. The sight and smell of silly string is overwhelming.
  • You get to your locker and put in your code. What is this on my lock? Is it just me? You look around and see other people in disgust while opening the lock. The Vaseline isn’t just on your lock, but it’s still gross.
  • You attempt to talk to your friends but really can’t hear anyone over the loud blowing of the whistle
  • Walking in to morning meeting, all you hear is seniors screaming and shouting
  • You go to your first period class thankful it’s all over, or so you believe
  • At lunch, you walk downstairs, get your food. It’s all good.
  • Then you go to get silverware, which has been replaced with chopsticks and small spoons.
  • Crap, you have to eat your salad with chopsticks.
  • Then you get to the cups, small red solo cups.
  • Grabbing a bowl, you look around seeing fools trying drink out of small cups
  • You want to be healthy, but it’s such a struggle to eat lettuce with chopsticks. Pizza looks good today.
  • Yas! Let’s make a mini cup tower!
  • Where did all these teachers get all the forks?
  • You decide to just go to the brown bag.
  • Why is there still silly string on the stairs?
  • Well this won’t be fun to clean up.
  • Our senior prank will be so much better.
  • Maybe we could switch with U.S. for our prank?
  • Wow, why are the seniors still being so loud?!
  • OMG! Kidz bop!
  • Okay, these kids are awful singers.
  • You remember that time when you made a Kidz Bop dance video in third grade.
  • Where did the seniors get these blow horns? You want one.
  • Ew. You still have silly string in your hair.
  • This is a annoying prank, not funny. Well, the lunch thing was pretty funny.
  • Yas. It’s 3:17. It’s the end of the day. Time to go home. You have survived your first senior prank day. It wasn’t that bad.
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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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