by Maggie Amjad

With the temperatures heating up, the typical upper school attire is shifting and you don’t want to be short on fabric. Although many girls have found cute shorts that fit in our dress code, many others, especially freshman, are struggling to stay in dress code while adjusting to the warmer weather.

Where to buy your perfect shorts depends on the amount of money you want to spend and the style you prefer.

  1. J.Crew offers a wide variety of shorts, with their most popular being the chino style. They have a basic design and come in many different colors and lengths, typically priced at $45. However, the sale colors that are usually offered lower that price. J.Crew also offers shorts in other styles too. I have personally found J.Crew shorts to be really great quality and are definitely worth the price.
  2. J. Crew Factory is the outlet version of J.Crew. It has similar products for lower prices, and upholds J.Crew’s quality. The clothing sold from J. Crew Factory is essentially the same as that sold from J. Crew, although there can be minor changes. The many great sales that are often available at J. Crew and J. Crew Factory make these stores some of the best for school-appropriate shorts!
  3. Department stores are also a great place to find shorts. B.P inside Nordstrom has really cute shorts, but you can branch out into the other designer sections. Dillard’s and Macy’s also have pretty good selections. Although some of these shorts can get up to J. Crew prices, many options are more affordable, and the different departments offer many more options and variety to your wardrobe.
  4. Brandy Melville (can only be ordered online) is a less expensive choice but only offers one size. Most of the shorts are of acceptable length in and out of school, but remember to double check before facing dress code enforcers. Their current options range from $12 to $40, and their stock ranges from athletic-style to dressy shorts.
  5. Forever 21 is definitely a much cheaper choice, and you pay for what you get. The clothing is inexpensive, but not the best quality. There are tons of styles of shorts, just make sure you are ordering them long enough.


Shorts are everywhere this time of year, but the hardest part is digging through them and finding ones that are the perfect length for school!