by Isha Lele and Gigi Protasiewicz

The 2014-2015 school year is quickly coming to an end and it is time to move on. Although we will miss Alyzah, all the seniors, and project BYE, we have a lot to look forward to with our new senate members. This year, senate did an amazing job organizing activities to keep the school year fun and stress-free. There are some high expectations to meet, but it looks like the under Morgan’s leadership, these girls are ready to meet the challenge of making the 2015-2016 school year an amazing one. Here is a look into who the new co-presidents are, and what their plans are for next year.

Who makes up the senate?

Senate president: Morgan Whaley

Rising senior co-presidents: Lizzie Crotty and Julie Coticchia

Rising junior co-presidents: Maren Butler and Ally Persky

Rising sophomore co-presidents: Isha Lele and Ela Passarelli


Why did you want to be co-president?

Ela: I wanted to be co-president because the things that the class leaders have done have always interested me and I’ve always wanted to bring my ideas to the table.

Isha: I wanted to be co-president because I wanted to be an active member in my grade and the HB community. The current co-presidents looked like they were having so much fun and I really wanted to bring in my ideas and be the connecting factor between teachers and students.

Ally: I did it this year and it was a lot of fun and I really like representing my class.

Maren: I like leading my class and I wanted to do new things to help us develop a stronger bond.

Julie: I wanted to be co-president because I did it this year and I feel like I was able to make this school year go more smoothly. I felt like I was a part of that and I want to help out and do it next year.

Lizzie: I want to make senior year a great year because it’s going to be really sentimental for all of us. Also, I was sophomore co-president last year and I missed it, so I want to go back to it.


Have you ever been on senate before or have any previous leadership experience?

Ela: No, I have never been on senate before or been class president. However, I have held different leadership positions in GROW that I really enjoyed.

Isha: No, I have not previously been on senate, however, I was Brown Team chairperson in 8th grade. I was also a member of Student Council, Purple Council, and tennis team captain in middle school.

Ally: Yes, I was on senate this year and it was a lot of fun.

Maren: I have never been on senate, but in middle school I had a few leadership opportunities, including Gold Team chairperson and a part in Blue Council in 7th grade. Also, this year, I was a softball captain.

Julie: I was on senate this year and I really liked it.

Lizzie: I was in senate sophomore year. I was also class vice-president in 8th grade, and a Brown and Gold captain in 7th and 8th grade.


What do you think the main role of a class co-president should be?

Ela: I think that a co-president should represent a class and be in tune with what the class wants and what the teachers want. They have to be that voice between those two groups.

Ally: It should be to represent the class and be their voice, and if someone wants something, you can help them get there. I think it should be to be energetic and fun, but be calm in times of stress, and to be an organized person who leads the class.

Julie: I think that the main role should be to represent the wants of the class instead of your own, but at the same time be able to be creative. We should be able to come up with ideas that people would like and enjoy.


What are some things that you hope to accomplish next year for your class?

Isha: I would like to bring my class closer together. One of the biggest obstacles this year was really connecting because our class is so big, so I want to make sure everyone knows each other. I would also like to incorporate more people in senate and the decision making process so everyone can truly get what they want.

Maren: I want to bring the class together and plan more activities, because we didn’t get to that very much this year. I would like to get cool class gear, and overall make the year fun.

Lizzie: We need to have a bomb senior retreat to create cohesiveness, a laid back and less stressful atmosphere, and better connections between freshmen and seniors. I want to create more unity, pride, and spirit because it’s finally our senior year!


If you could change or add one thing about HB, what would it be?

Ela: I would add an intensive to our curriculum, because Laurel and Hawken both have them, to learn about something that you wouldn’t usually learn about in school; it’s a way to find out about things you like or might be passionate about.

Maren: Sometimes our routine should be changed up a little to make things fun and decrease stress.

Lizzie: BOYS… just kidding. Having people be more proud to be a student at HB through spirit. I would also like to improve upon the relationship between seniors and freshmen and have a stronger buddy system. I think more interaction between the grades would be great!


What are three adjectives that best describe your leadership style?

Isha: Approachable, determined, creative

Ally: Organized, energized, spirited

Julie: Assertive, dedicated, responsive (credits to Grace Rossi)

The new senate members sound great, and we can definitely look forward to another BYE under their leadership!