by Ela Passarelli

It’s finally spring here in Ohio, and around the halls of the Hath we can see a noticeable difference in spirit. But why does spring make us so happy? Are we just excited about the end of the year? Yes, and no. It’s actually a fact that spring puts us in a better mood. Here’s why.

1) “Human beings are programmed to rest when it’s dark, and to be active and in high spirits when it’s light.

So when spring comes, it brings a whole lot of light with it. Add this to the bright atrium ceiling, and the fact that it’s actually still light out after sports practice, and HB students are ready to achieve and do a lot more.

2) “Suddenly there are lots of people out and about, so you have a tendency to go outside.

Everyone knows how beneficial being outdoors can be: fresh air and sweet bird songs can relieve stress in an instant. Plus, vitamin D levels go up when in the sun, which can boost immunity, help your mood, and make you more energetic.

3) “Of course, spring also means a different wardrobe that tends to show off our bodies ore than winter does, which stimulates attraction.

I’m not complaining about putting away my winter school clothes. The ones I’ve worn again, and again… and again.

4) “When it gets light earlier and the sun shines more strongly, more light hits the eye. This the pineal gland—sometimes called the third eye—sends and order to the brain to lower melatonin production.

Melatonin is the chemical that makes us super sleepy. AKA why you feel so tires in the winter. When it’s light out, your body produces less of it, so waking us is easier (along with staying awake in class).

Whatever the reason, the arrival of spring is always a good thing for HB. I think we are all happier and generally less stressed out—teachers too! I, for one, am ready to plow ahead through the rest of the year, happily.