Summer in Cle

by Maggie Amjad

Although staycations are not always a crowd favorite, there is a lot to do in the area this summer to keep busy during your summer vacay!


  1. Get a summer job: Find somewhere to work like an ice cream shop or a restaurant hostess. If you are under 16, get a babysitting job to earn some money. Babysitting a  couple of times a week all summer is a great source of money and can be really fun!
  2. Wade Oval Wednesday or Shaker Square Market: Once a week, a variety of food trucks and bands come to Wade Oval downtown. If you are more of a morning person, there are farmers’ markets every Saturday at Shaker Square that offer fresh vegetables, crepes, donuts and lots of other treats. Or you could just hit up the Yours Truly at Shaker Square.
  3. Blossom and Nautica Concerts: Over the summer there are tons of really cool artists that come and perform in Cleveland. Big concerts at Nautica include Life in Color, and the country megaticket at Blossom is really popular too.
  4. Cedar Point, Fun ‘n’ Stuff, and Wild Water Kingdom: Just a 2 hour drive from HB, Cedar Point is a great place to spend the day. If you want less rides and more games, try Fun ‘n’ Stuff. And if you simply cannot stand the heat, go to a water park like Wild Water Kingdom to spend the day on slides or in the pool.
  5. Pool/Lake Erie: Many Clevelanders forget about the lake and its sandy beaches. They may not compare to Florida, but the beaches around here make for a fun day trip on a sunny day. If you aren’t a fan of the sand, then try going to your local pool.
  6. HB: The Hath offers a variety of summer classes that can free up your schedule next year. Earning a credit through a summer class could lessen the load in the future, allowing for more free periods or the possibility to sign up for more electives. If summer school sounds dreadful, there are other opportunities at HB like HB BH and athletic camps that provide older students an opportunity to help the community.
  7. Cleveland Flea: Every few weeks there is a flea market downtown. Vendors sell yummy food, cool handmade jewelry, and unique clothes.
  8. Crocker Park, Legacy, Beachwood, and Chagrin Falls: Hitting up the best shopping centers in the area is always an option. Whether you plan to window shop or max out your parents’ credit card, its always fun to spend a day at the mall. If you’d rather not waste your summer days indoors, there are outdoor shopping options like Crocker Park, Legacy Village or Chagrin Falls!


I hope these ideas will help prevent you from spending your summer on Netflix, but remember there is nothing wrong with spending a day relaxing.