by Roxana Moazami

After four years of roaming the halls of HB, the end is finally near for seniors. However, as the class of 2015 finishes their last month, they have a couple of wishes to fulfill before leaving for the college world. Recently, we sent out a survey asking them what they hoped to accomplish during their last month. Here are some of their responses.


Some seniors simply want to bond with their class and enjoy the last few moments that they’ll have together:

“Another trip/sleepover/retreat to reflect on how far we have come.”

“Reconnect with friends I’ve floated away from over the years.”

“Reach out to a new person.”

“Senior sleepover at HB with food, games, etc.”

“Grade-wide sleepover.”


Others wanted to have some fun and and live the free-spirited, second semester senior life:

“Hootenanny instead of assembly.”

“A flash mob would be chill.”

“Try something that I’ve never done before.”



One senior had an admirable wish:

“Make an impact in the performing arts. Perform as much as I possibly can.”


Finally, there were some wonderfully pragmatic responses:

“Be able to afford prom.”


“Retain my sanity and good humor :).”


Our seniors are an extraordinary group of young ladies and big sisters to everyone. We hope you find ways to make your last dreams at HB come true!