by Catherine Mullen

June 5—the last time the whole senior class will walk down the halls of HB is a day much anticipated by the class of 2015. Yet, what I find to be most exciting about this day is the fact that we get to graduate here at Hathaway Brown. More and more schools have moved their graduation to other venues besides the school—Laurel and Shaker to name a few – however, we remain here at HB. I think that graduation at HB is important. It is a time where we have grown to be able to face the reality of the real world. We have made life long friendships and shared tears and smiles together. In other words, I believe graduating at a venue other than HB would make me feel that some part of the celebration was missing. So as we move closer and closer to the day and buy our white dresses and white shoes, I encourage you all to pray for good weather so that the seniors will be able to graduate outside by the fountain and even if you are not able to be here with us in person to think of us and be here with us in spirit.