By Kelsey Rich

If you’re anything like me, after that electives assembly you want to sign up for every single elective next year and become as skilled in every awesome art or involved in every center as you can. One new class that will be meeting after school next year is Teach a Girl to Fish. The HB website says that Teach a Girl to Fish

“…will explore topics such as sustainable practices in food purchase, food waste, hunger, and food terminology (organic, GMO’s, natural, etc.).  It will use debate to look at the practices and economics of food as well as investigate how food brings a community together.  The history of food in America will also be studied.” 

Sounds interesting, but what does that really mean about what the students will do in the class to connect with such a broad and interesting topic? For some answers, I went to Ms. Geaghan, who will be teaching the class next year.

“One of the very fun things is this is going to be a very practical class. A lot of students here have been asking about wanting to learn how to cook. We’re going to start out with a lot of basic skills- measuring, knife skills, ingredients, and start moving into bigger places, like how to make your own condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, mustards, even pickling! Our ultimate goal with the food side- learning how to make food- is to get to a place where we feel comfortable making things from scratch and not relying on takeout or buying pre-made things, which also fits into the food philosophy side of things where I really want to talk about sustainability, food politics, nutrition, and where our food comes from. I feel like we are really far away from the food chain. I think about how whenever I make something and share it with people, they’re always very excited, and they love it, but they think they can’t do it, and I’m like, ‘No of course you can. I can do it!’”

If the idea of going to Cleveland restaurants and food suppliers such as Lake Erie Creamery, the West Side market, or getting involved in the HB garden, and learning about sustainability and the Cleveland local food market sound interesting, make sure you add this class to your schedule!


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