by Katrina Frei-Herrmann and Brett Parsons

Every year brings something new, a new class, new leaders, new classes, and more. Here are just a few of the things to look forward to next year:

  • Computer Science is REQUIRED
    • I didn’t know about this, and wished I took it freshman year! So, just keep it in the back of your mind while scheduling
  • Study Hall
    • ITS NOT THAT BAD. They help you get your work done for the first couple of months. And most likely they will only be a semester long.
  • No OGTs
    • The class of 2017 was the last class to take these. They may possibly be replaced by other forms of standardized testing
  • SATs Format Change
    • The SATs are changing to be similar to the ACTs, having a more relevant vocabulary section and completely eliminating the penalties for wrong answers!
  • Possible Netflix Ban
    • It’s been threatened before, so it may happen next year. Watch out. (Also you should be doing your homework!)
  • Christ is retiring
    • The Class of 2016 will be the last class to get a senior poem from Mr. Christ
  • Christ is teaching a Shakespeare class for seniors!
  • Capstone courses are combining and changing
    • Krist will be teaching IR; US Gov and CAPS will be combined and taught by Mr Hoffman.
  • AP World is becoming an Honors class.
    • 10th grade AP Modern World History will be changed to just an Honors level class.
    • There is an option to take the AP at the end of the year if students feel confident enough with the material.
  • Chemistry Honors Midterm
    • It is Mr, Southard’s goal to drop the midterm for Honors Chemistry so it may happen in a few years.
  • Printmaking class
    • Will be taught by Ms. Ahern
  • Psychology is becoming an AP course
    • This will turn from a class that meets only three days a rotation to one that meets five days a rotation.
  • PE is required for all freshmen
    • If you are doing 2 or more sports it is required that you take PE your Freshman year. If you play two sports, you are done with PE after completing at least one full year of it. If you are not doing 2 sports you will have to take Flex Fitness.