By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick

This year the Blazers had an amazing season, ending with the title of District-Runner Up. Being such a young team, the Blazers grew and excelled on the court. As a spectator, the chemistry these girls had by the end of their season was remarkable. Heading into next year, the Blazers have high hopes to grow even closer and excel as the same team, plus some new freshman, when they take on the 2015-2016 season. Unfortunately, next year the Blazer Basketball team will not be continuing with head coach Paul Barlow as he will take the position as athletic director at Magnificat.


Paul was an amazing coach for many years and leaves Hathaway Brown with his strong 5-peat legacy that will never be forgotten. Not only will the players miss Barlow, but the students will feel the loss as well. Alyzah Quereshy, former player and extreme Basketball fan, speaks to Barlow’s talents as a coach, “I think Paul did an excellent job of coaching this very young and new team after coaching the same girls for years. It just goes to show how solid of a coach he is. Paul Barlow is a game changer and he is leaving behind an irreplaceable legacy.” Teresa Iemma speaks to the person Barlow is, “In addition to being a decent coach, Paul is also one of the most honest and real men that I have ever met and I sincerely hope that Blazer nation was able to give him the most memorable last game that he could have ever asked for as a way of honoring this.” Paul is clearly adored by the Hathaway Brown community and will be missed greatly. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and hopes he knows he always has a home at Hathaway Brown.

Their final game this season was one not to be forgotten. Duking it out in an extremely close game versus Chagrin Falls High School, the Blazers played excellent Basketball and the students were costumed out harder than ever seen before. As Katy Kaufman puts it, “The game was fun and I wished I had gone to more. That Sarah girl is a star.” The student section was comprised of intense costumes and even more intense cheering. Skylar Hahn, a sophomore, says she was thoroughly impressed with the costume game brought forth by the Hathaway Brown students. Senior Amanda Bingaman shares her experience at the game, “The district final Basketball game between HB and Chagrin is one I will always remember. It was one of those events that really leaves a mark and will forever be a great memory of my senior year in high school. I will never forget when the entire student section sang the alma mater to the team while, although he won’t admit it, Paul Barlow was purposely outside of the coaches box, which paused the game just the right amount of time for the song.” The Blazers played their hearts out, and it was a true show of the teams chemistry, will power, and talent.

This did happen to be Paul Barlow’s last game where he left as a legend among high school sports, and he will definitely be missed. Teresa Iemma adds, “The District Final Basketball game was a truly one of the rowdiest evenings of my existence. Blazer Nation really showed up to play; the student section was out of control in the best way possible, the Basketball players gave it their all on the court, and Paul ended his career coaching with the most spirit and passion I have ever seen him display.” Regardless of the score, the Blazers should be proud of everything they put on the court and the Hathaway Brown community is so proud of this team and can not wait to see what happens next year. Congratulation Blazer Basketball on a great season!

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