By Ines Zippe

It has been proven that staying fit and healthy will increase happiness, reduce stress, and overall lead to a better life. Hathaway Brown teachers value their well-being, and below are some of their favorite ways to workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Ciuni is an avid bike rider, and many can see him biking to school during the warmer months. When Mr. Ciuni gets a little angry, he releases this anger by tearing phone books apart and counts this as healthy exercise. Lastly, Mr. Ciuni also enjoys playing hockey once a week with his pals.

Over the summer, Mr. Hatcher began an organized workout regimen that he will try to continue, but it may fall apart by October. On a regular basis, Mr. Hatcher works out using p90x. Once the weather clears up, he also plans on continuing to bike and hike.

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Ms. Spano is dedicated to her workout regimen of four to five times a week. During these workouts, she runs and uses the elliptical. Last year Ms. Spano even ran a half marathon, which tested her limits but proved to be a rewarding experience. She also received a yoga pass for Christmas, which she plans on putting to good use.

Mr. Parsons honestly hates exercise. However, he still endured a ninety-day intense workout during the summer and fall. Every time the instructor on the TV screen spoke, he became “increasingly angry” yet continued the workout like a true champion. On a lighter note, Mr. Parsons does enjoy walking his dog.

Ms. Krist walks every night while watching House of Cards and Sons of Anarchy. She also recommends that we watch both of those shows!

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Mr. Vogel simply loves hiking.

Ms. Hiedemann runs faster than the speed of lightening while she is working out. She also indoor cycles, also known as spinning, and walks. Once she has more free time, she will resume her passion for tennis.

Ms. Barnabei believes that we need fitness in order to maintain a healthy balance in life. She especially emphasizes that as we get older it is important to maintain muscle mass. Because of this, Ms. Barnabei works out five times a week. She does weight training, spinning, tennis, and has taken T-Rex workout classes.

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