What’s Your School Personality?

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning on a school day?

  1. Excited. You’re doing a fun unit in class!
  2. Stressed.
  3. Like death.
  4. You have to tell your friends what happened last night!

What’s your favorite type of class at school?

  1. I like intense classes that make you think.
  2. I love every class! But maybe the ones that give the least homework…
  3. My free periods.
  4. Lunch and lab (Do those count?)

If you finish your homework early, what are you doing?

  1. Reading the news and interesting articles. Wow!
  2. What a joke! Is free time even a thing?
  3. Whatever I feel like doing. Or sleeping.
  4. I’m on Instagram. Or Twitter. Or Snapchat. Or…

What time do you normally go down to lunch?

  1. One o’ clock, exactly.
  2. Um, I normally grab something on the way to my next class.
  3. I like eating at the brown bag.
  4. As soon as I can!

What do you normally wear to school?

  1. Whatever, as long as it’s in dress code.
  2. Something easy to change out of so I won’t be late for practice!
  3. Leggings and sweatpants.
  4. Cute, matching outfits.

What do you do during X?

  1. I normally work ahead for classes, if I have it free.
  2. I’m either in electives or at a club.
  3. Watch Netflix.
  4. Hang out or study with friends.

Which teacher do you love talking to?

  1. Vogel
  2. Godshall
  3. McBeath
  4. Hatcher

Mostly Ones

You’re an avid learner! School is your natural habitat and learning is your passion, so being in class is one of the most fun things for you. You love to explore and learn about everything and are always curious. You’re always happy and focused at school, which makes other people more engaged too.

Mostly Twos

You’re super busy and you like to do everything! At school you’re using every single free moment to get things done. When any opportunity is presented, you take it. While it’s super awesome, you can be kind of stressed at school. You like classes but you have tons of other things you focus on too, making you flexible and organized.


Mostly Threes

School is NOT your place and you know it. School doesn’t interest you or appeal to you, and you’d rather be doing something else during your time. At school, you don’t give that much effort towards classes or rules. You’re a completely different person outside of school, where you get to do what you like!


Mostly Fours

You’re super social. You use your time at school to get in time with your friends. You like to work with other people instead of alone, and nothing makes you happier than talking with your friends. While you’d probably have more fun at a party, you’re still happy and exciting at school too.