The Best Snacks in the Brown Bag

By: Molly Coughlin


When you give an HB girl a snack card, she’s going to get a snack. And once she gets a snack, she’s going to need a beverage to go with it.

When it’s time to grab a quick snack from the brown bag, what will you chose?


If you’ve just had practice or gym, the best drink option is the chocolate milk. It will replenish all the things you need to replenish after working out, and it’s pretty delicious. If you’re planning on practicing or working out later, you should probably go for the Gatorade and save it until then. It wouldn’t get gross and lukewarm like chocolate milk would if you kept it in your backpack, and it will replenish things like electrolytes in the same way. Go for the Arnold Palmer when you need a quick burst of energy—they are full of sugar and taste good, so they’re the perfect drink for a mid-day snack. If none of these options are appealing, go for the classic water bottle. It works well in all situations and will do the job if you’re feeling thirsty after a salty snack.


Now onto the snack rack at the HB BB. So many options—what are you going to choose? Is it going to be the granola bar or the Rice Crispy Treat, the Goldfish or the trail mix? My personal favorite is the fruit snacks. The bag is just big enough that you get what you want, and they are so fruity and squishy…and just delicious. My next choice is usually the pretzels. Pretzels are good if you want something that’s crunchy and salty but not with an overwhelming flavor like Goldfish can sometimes have. In my opinion, Goldfish and pretzels are tied when it comes to second place in the Brown Bag. They are both crunchy and salty, so it just depends what you’re craving when you walk through the door and enter the most visited room at Hathaway Brown. A close third is the Rice Crispy Treat. It’s always a good option if you want a small, sugary treat in the middle of a long hard day of tests in both double science and double math, or just a hard day of endless frees. If you want to go the healthier route, then the trail mix is the snack for you. It comes in small portions and is filled with nutritious nuts and raisins. No matter what you choose, it’ll be a delicious snack. Happy Snacking!