Breaking the Mold

By: Jordan Doak

If you look around the student body at HB, you’ll notice that everyone’s hair is significantly below their shoulders, with very few exceptions. If it’s in a ponytail or a braid, it usually still reaches shoulder blades.

Last week I accidentally got my hair cut way shorter than that. It’s only about an inch below my shoulders, and after it happened, I went home and cried. I had suddenly lost eight inches of my identity.

This only became more obvious when I came to school the next day and everyone had the look I used to have. My parents told me that the shorter length looked more sophisticated, but surrounded by incredibly long hair, I felt like I looked twelve going on forty.

I didn’t think I would ever be able to pull off the proper HB-girl-look again. I came to school the second day after getting it cut, just as discouraged as I had been the day before, and then I got the first real compliment. This compliment came from nowhere. It wasn’t a best friend, it wasn’t invoked by me asking if someone liked my haircut (because what else can anyone say when directly confronted with that sort of question). A friendly acquaintance went out of their way to tell me that they liked my short hair. And then, miraculously, it happened again.

Breaking the mold and going for something new (on purpose or not) is never a bad idea. And, this shorter hair makes me look much more put together than my confirmative long hair did.