Seeing Teachers in Public

By Rachel Lowrie


Why is it so uncomfortable to see teachers in public? We sit together for 50 minutes each day, yet when we see them outside of the classroom we don’t know what to do. What would you do? Of 100 Hathaway Brown Students surveyed, 23 would stop and have a conversation, 13 would avoid, and 44 would walk away. 13 people would pretend not to notice, and 7 had no comment.

“It depends on the teacher. I have a few (just two or three) who I’d have a genuine conversation with. Honestly just my music/art teachers. Everyone else I’d just walk away, maybe wave if they notice me.”

It depends on the teacher, but usually I’ll try and talk to them for a little bit if we make eye contact. If they don’t notice me then I don’t say anything.”

“Smile casually from a distance and continue walking away.”

“Say hi (:”

“Say “Hi” and ask, “How are you?”

And of course…

“If I walk past Ms. Day, I’ll pull my shirt down because I’m probably wearing leggings.”