By: Maggie Amjad

There is no way to describe this time of year besides depressing, especially when we have only had two snow days. It’s almost as hard to focus as it is to say no to pizza at lunch. With dismal weather, the winter holidays past, and roughly a month until spring break, motivation is practically non-existent. So I have compiled a few ideas to get everyone through this lull in the year.

1. Take a Break from Everything

Sometimes the best way to get ready for a week back at school is to do nothing. Curling up in bed with a book or, more commonly, Netflix, can easily help an overworked mind. Sleeping in late and having a lazy day is always a good occasional weekend plan, just don’t do it too much.

2. Spend Time with Friends

Spending the day in bed is relaxing and sometimes much needed, but going out and having fun is just as necessary. Take advantage of the snow and get a group of friends together to go sledding or skating. If you’d rather stay inside, then have a movie night or bake a treat. If you’re not a fan of nature or staying home, try a new restaurant or find something to look forward to like a concert.

3. Get Active

Exercising is a great way to get rid of stress and take a break from studying. Maybe early morning Yoga isn’t ideal, but the weight room is always open before, after and during school. If running sounds awful, then try Yoga, Pilates or even meditation.

4. Get More Sleep

You have probably heard this all year, but if you are going to start sleeping more, now is the time to do it. Getting eight to ten hours is ideal, but rarely possible. I regularly hear girls talk about their four hours and want to cry for them because if I can’t function on seven hours, how can they function on four? Getting more sleep can improve your mood and make it easier to pay attention in class.

5. Keep Working Hard

First semester has just ended and we have a lot of time until May, so make it easier on yourself. Turning in homework on time and staying in touch with teachers can only help your grades. Keep that in mind when considering winging your next test. Also, never count on having a snow day. One, it’s always more fun when it’s a surprise and two, I don’t know any teachers that will take the excuse of thinking there would be a snow day instead of taking your homework.
There is no doubt that spring break is far away and we still have a few five-day weeks until we are free, but working hard now will pay off later. Taking breaks, spending time with friends, getting active, sleeping more and focusing on school can help anyone get out of their February Funk.

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