By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick


“Even Joe Vogel loves it”

This past weekend we went to the Choolaah, a popular new restaurant whose cuisine is an Indian-spin on fast food. Located in Orange Village, Choolah is delicious and easily accessible to many. Getting rave reviews from everyone, Choolaah is definitely a place you should try! Check out our personal review of the restaurant below.

Food: 4.5/5:

Great options for kids and vegetarians as well as a large variety on the menu, fresh ingredients, and orders made fresh to order. If you don’t like spicy food, try to go for the most basic meals.


Service: 4.5/5:

Easy, fast, very accommodating and personable employees; However, you’re currently unable to order and then pick up for take out


Venue: 5/5:

Spacious, lots of seating, modern decoration, able to see right into the kitchen to watch your food be made, tons of parking


Price: 3.5/5

A bit pricy ($9 for a bowl that includes two sides, $3.50 for small smoothie, $1.49 for naan)


Quotes about Choolaah:

“I didn’t even know I liked Indian food until I went there.”

“That naan will change you.”

“I like the variety!”

“Go and you’ll literally find life.”


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