Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of 2015

By: Val Mischka

Congrats to the Patriots! Sorry Seahawks, but Katy Perry topped your Super Bowl performance. The Super Bowl has to be one of the biggest events in the U.S., since pretty much everyone loves football. However, even more important than the actual game are the commercials. Here are the top 5 commercials of the Super Bowl 2015…

5) T-Mobile’s “#KimsDataStash”

4) Nationwide’s “Invisible Mindy Kaling”

3) Budweiser “Lost Dog”

2) Nationwide’s “Make Safe Happen”

1) The NFL’s “No More” Campaign

Honorable Mention:

Dove’s “#RealStrength”

Snickers’ Brady Bunch

Fiat Commercial

GoDaddy’s Puppy Ad