The Importance and the Best Ways to Stay on Top of Current Events

By: Kat Holleran and Maaryah Malik

In the midst of many current events, it seems that many get lost, buried, or ignored. Often times, we brush off current events and turn our heads towards lighter things that are easier to handle. We’re all guilty of it.  The important thing to do is to stay updated on what’s happening all around the world. Sure, what’s happening 6000 miles away could never affect us, but it is affecting other people’s lives.  They are a part of the world that you live in, the same way that you are.

Here are some things that the HB community has to say on why staying on top of current events is important:

“Needless to say, I think it is important (imperative) that students follow/understand current events (especially if one is a Global Scholar!). Understanding the complex issues and richness of the world is to gain an understanding of issues that impact an increasingly globalized world. Students should ask themselves what it means to be informed and educated, prepared to navigate in the world as it exists. On a more personal note, following current events is rewarding, enriching, and, simply put, something we should do.”

– Mr. Vogel

“Current events connect us here at HB to the larger world. As a teacher, I try to see how I can make my material relevant to what is going on in the world.” -Ms. Patton

“So that you know what is going on! So that you can participate and learn from the world around you, not feel isolated, and be able to DO something about whatever is going on if need be.”-Mme. Lhomet-Schmitz

“Current events give history context, and history gives current events context.  Keeping up with current events is vital.  This helps us to understand the people and places in the world we inhabit.  Keeping up with current events also enables one to be more confident and conversant.  It can open doors that may have otherwise been closed and can bring forth opportunities that may not have otherwise been presented.” -Mr. Purpura

“Because I think as people we have a larger obligation other than our own self-interests and it matters that we are engaged with other people in different cultures to feel a larger sense of community with them.” – Mr. Parsons

“To be informed about the world around you, develop open mindedness and individual opinions based on your own research, not from restating other people’s opinions as your own.”

“Current events are important because as a member of today’s society it is naive to not stay at least somewhat in tune to what is going on in today’s world. This does not mean that you need to acquire knowledge on every event that makes headlines, but a basic outline of what is going not only in the US , but throughout the world instigates a platform for discussion about issues and gives a person a better of understanding of the world.”

“Current events are important because they shape our history. It is important to know about the things that came before us, but it is especially important to understand the history that is right now. Current events will eventually turn into what’s in the books, and that’s something we need to pay attention to.”

“So you can be a citizen of the world.”

“So you’re not living in a bubble! Even if it doesn’t concern you directly, it’s important to know what’s going on in the world, so you’re not surprised when people talk about things like Isis and Ferguson. It’s a different kind of education, and must build empathy.”

“We live in a world where knowledge is power. By paying attention to current events, one gives his or herself the ability to not only understand what is happening but to form an educated opinion on the topic. This ability becomes important when elections, political campaigns, or other voting procedures come up; rather than being brainwashed by the fact that one party or another supports a course of action, one can decide for themselves what they believe is best for the country and truly make their voice heard rather than trailing along with the politically biased masses.”

“It’s really, really important to follow our country’s politics. The U.S. today confronts a whole range of challenges and problems that can be solved with cooperation among leaders and citizens. But Americans need to stay informed to do this.”

“I believe it is important to stay aware of current events to know that there is no perfect society and there are infinite problems, even if you are having the best day in the world.”

“So when people ask you questions about it you can have an intelligent response. If you don’t know what is happening in the world, it can often be taken as a form of ignorance.”

(Thank you to everyone that submitted responses. We got so many that we couldn’t include them all, but hopefully your opinion on the topic was represented in some way by these quotes.)

The important thing to do is to educate yourself on events happening all around the world and keep those less fortunate than us in our thoughts. Here’s how you can stay involved:

  • Follow Twitter accounts that tweet about news. There are even some satirical ones, like The Onion for example.
  • Download the Associated Press and CNN apps on your phone. If you allow notifications, they will send you an update anytime there is a breaking news story. Even if you don’t read a full article, it’s good to at least know what’s going on. The Timeline app is also a good one to download. It gives you the brief histories leading up to current events. It only takes a few minutes to read just one article, and it gives you a short but complete synopsis of what is going happening in our world.
  • Read the newspaper.
  • Watch Jon Stewart.
  • Ask your history teachers about what’s going on throughout the world.
  • Go to Young Politicians meetings!

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