The Girl Who Wants to Keep Feeling in Her Fingers

Welcome to the winters in Cleveland, where the only thing colder than the weather is my soul while doing third quarter homework. Nothing bites more than Monday morning math tests and the knowledge that you will be driving to and from school in the dark. Well, except maybe actual frostbite. And in that case, I know I am not the only one whose fashion statements start lacking flare once winter comes. It is practically impossible to roll myself out of bed in negative temperature and actually put on something cute. Is it so bad to want to wear sweatpants and two coats? Anyways, for everyone who feels sad by third period because their outfit is not up to their normal standards, I have a few tips on keeping it chic in the cold.

For starters, hats are not only to warm your head. They can be a totally cute fashion statement. Considering we are one of the lucky ones who go to school where hats are actually allowed in dress code, I advise you to take advantage of that. Especially if you are driving to school every day and then having to walk all the way to the door, it can get pretty cold out there in 4 degrees. A hat doesn’t have to be three hundred dollars or from Urban Outfitters to be awesome. I spent five minutes digging through my family’s winter stuff bin and found three hats that are old enough to be back in style. If you wear it with confidence, you can never lose.

Lucky for all of us, both boots and big bulky socks are apparently in right now. Wearing winter boots doesn’t have to be like in third grade when your mom makes you wear them for recess. For some reason, functional has become fabulous, and I can wear my winter boots all season long without having to switch to normal shoes when I get to school. Likewise, socks of all lengths have hit the fashion scene. Big and bulky and what could be considered ugly has suddenly become the new chic. This is fine by me considering I can wear knee high socks that my mom knit and still look in style.

Big oversized sweaters are really comfortable and really cute. Paired with a dress, leggings, thick socks, and boots, you cannot go wrong. It feels nice to look cute, which makes you feel great and prepared for the day. Likewise, all your limbs will stay intact and you won’t freeze. Basically, it is a win win situation.

I know that it is tempting to just slip on leggings and a sweatshirt every morning. As if we don’t have enough on our mind with extra-curriculars and regular classes, we don’t want to have to focus on trying hard to dress nice, too. The thing is, at HB we are completely comfortable in anything we wear, and no one is going to be judged. It’s nice to know that the only person who would notice my outfit of laziness is Ms. Day when she gives me a point. Basically, the collision of function and fashion are what I base my outfits on. I’ve never been out of dress code, and I have been doing this for four years now, so clearly something must be going right. Layering clothes and wearing thick and comfortable outerwear is always important. After all my years at HB, I have come to understand one very important thing: Always bring a sweater or coat with you because you seriously have no idea what rooms will be cold or warm.

-The Girl Who Wants To Keep Feeling in Her Fingers

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