Starting the Year Off With a Little Note

By: Katrina Frei-Herrmann and Brett Parsons

Here are some short tidbits on ways to survive second semester 2015 that we’ve gathered from our time thus far in the Hath’s Upper School!

  • Go home and play with your dog: relax, start a night of productivity with a bith of relaxation.
  • Be different. Swim the other way in a sea of fish.
  • Wear your pajamas inside out and wish for another snow day (or at least a cold weather dress down day).
  • Don’t stress out for your test. Take a deep breath and just study.
  • If you are wearing leggings, avoid the upstairs classroom hallways (Ms. Day)
  • When the Chipotle line is too long, go to Choolaah!
  • When late to school, hide your Starbucks and avoid Ms. Oberholtz
  • If you are bored one day after school, there is almost always some game or meet to watch.
  • For the best day of the year, wait until it’s free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s and convince your teacher to let you get ice cream.
  • If you want to be extremely stressed and sleep deprived, do wait until seven to do your homework. And for even more stress and sleep deprivation, watch “just one more” episode of your favorite Netflix show.