Questions with Featured Clubs: Spectrum

By: Anna Lietman and Evie Schumann

This past Tuesday, we had the privilege of speaking with Francesca Ferri, one of the four presidents of Spectrum. The others–Amber Glendell, Laura Mueller, and Bessie Toohey–tragically couldn’t make it. This club focuses on educating the community while creating a safe space where people can learn and be who they are. Here’s the scoop, according to Francesca…

What propelled you to start/lead this club?

It’s a cause that is really important to me (I’m really gay!) along with a lot of my friends, some of whom have tried to commit suicide.

How is it going so far?

Really well! We spearheaded the nail-painting event along with the handprint ally banner in order to get community members involved. Additionally, we hope to lead a morning of silence, followed by a lunch club session to communicate its impact. We’re also going to frost multicolored cupcakes.

Why should we join your club?

If you don’t join, we don’t assume you’re homophobic. However, simply writing your name on the piece of paper shows your support without obligating you to come to meetings or wear a rainbow flag t-shirt.

What kind of food did you have at clubs fair? What does that say about you as a club?

We served a cup full of M&Ms and Skittles in an attempt to spread the message that your outside appearance doesn’t always reflect what’s on the inside.

How you do feel your club is perceived by other members of the HB community?

I think it is widely liked, but not everyone agrees with it. We want people to know we are normal, and just because someone is involved with Spectrum doesn’t mean they’re not straight…don’t assume!

Is there equal emphasis on all different areas of the “spectrum”?

Yeah, we’re really trying to do that, and so far we have been emphasizing the importance of gender, especially because of the recent media attention.

What media coverage are you referring to?

A transgender girl who lived nearby was not accepted by her parents and classmates, and, as a result, committed suicide. This story has been very prevalent online, and has spurred a greater interest in transgender women.

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