By Lizzie Crotty

As a second-semester Junior, the college process is on the horizon, and everyone is trying to find their perfect fit. When I think about the kind of school I want to go to, the first thing that comes to mind is spirit; I want to go to a school where everyone is proud to be a student there and tries to take part in everything related to that school, especially sporting events and other extracurricular activities. Often times, I feel that we lack this spirit at HB, and I’ve always wondered why.

I asked a few of my fellow classmates if they felt similarly, and an overwhelming amount of them did. Many students recounted that, in the Athletics realm of HB, even at home games, the visiting teams usually have bigger student sections. Some remember that even at the State Championship Basketball game (when the school offered a bus, so there was no “I don’t have a ride” excuse) everyone who attended could fit on the railing. I can personally recall that when the Volleyball team competed for the Sectional Championship (which may not sound like a huge deal, but it was for us… especially because the school often neglects to acknowledge our existence). We were all screaming and cheering on the court, but I would look up between points and only see parents. It’s was depressing to say the least.

A lot of people blame our lack of spirit on the fact that we don’t have boys. Although it is true that yes, many fan sections that include boys do tend to be a lot rowdier, it’s still not an excuse for lack of attendance. Most people who cant come to events give an excuse similar to “I have too much work to do”. Girl, I hear you. But, sometimes you need to take a break from all that school-related stress. Participating in activities that do not directly contribute to your GPA is healthy and can give you an even more valuable life experience.

Isn’t it sad to think that because of all of our work we are missing out on non-school related experiences that can really improve our high school journey and our lives in general? I’m not just talking about sports here. There isn’t much fan support for events produced by the Orchestra, HB singers, or the Theatre and Dance departments even though these performances are AWESOME. With all the talented students we have at HB, I find it hard to believe that people just don’t want to come to school events. I feel that the real problem is that it is nearly impossible to balance everything as an HB girl.

It is unrealistic to think that lightening our homework load will instantly solve the problem. The school prides itself on getting us ready for college-level courses and giving us the best education possible, which sadly, means lots of homework. But we need to find a balance. High school shouldn’t only be about doing work and trying to get into college. We should be enjoying ourselves. I want to encourage everyone to try to take advantage of all the wonderful things HB has to offer. After all, time-management is an important skill for life, and we need to be able to make time for things that make us happy. Whether it is a school-produced event or something outside of school, do it. Don’t let coursework ruin your life.

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3 replies on “Hathaway Brown School For Girls’ School Spirit: A Tragedy

  1. LOL its not just volleyball!! sports that actually go to states like tennis golf field hockey and lacrosse don’t even have fans when we are at rly important games

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