Snow Scraping by Kelsey Rich

By Kelsey Rich

Some days are worse than others.

One determining factor on how my day is going to go is based on what time I manage to drag myself away from the kitchen table and pull on my rain-boots. They are poorly designed for snow, especially since they now have huge holes in the bottom. If I don’t walk on my tiptoes all the time, the bottoms of my feet will inevitably get wet.

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Sometimes I plan to clean off the car, so I set aside five to ten minutes to clean off the foot, or so, of snow that has accumulated on the car. In these cases I clean systematically- the side windows are used as breaks as I sweep the snow off the roof, the hood, the back.

Definitely, the best part of driving in the winter is seeing cars rocks a Mohawk that any pre-teen boy would be jealous of. The worst part is that group usually includes yours truly.

Too often it is 5:55AM and I’m rushing to get to a swim practice that begins at 6:00; begins at means in the water. So I not only need to clean off the car, but also, drive without skidding so badly I take out one of those fearless runners who take to the streets at this ridiculous time of the morning, park, get changed into my suit, and jump into the water.

My advice to those of you who also do the daily chore of scraping off their car is this: get someone else to do it. Once in a blue moon, my lovely sister Leia will get fed up with me. I am of course flawless, but I do also have a nasty streak of arriving late to everything. Sometimes it seems to me that Leia would rather sleepover at school than have the two of us pull up to the school five minutes before morning meeting begins. In these sorts of cases, I occasionally trudge up to the car to find it miraculously de-iced and de-snowed. However, it seems less miraculous once Leia brags to my parents about how she’s been the one cleaning off the car all week.