By: Alley Keresztesy

  1. You can’t leave after 7:00.5bKrKF0
    1. Oh, you got up at 7:45? Haha, I was up TWO HOURS BEFORE YOU.
  2. You’ve got a list of places to stop for breakfast when you’re running ahead of schedule.bagel
    1. *texts in mentor group chat* Dunkin Donuts? Bruegger’s? Panera?
  3. Your car actually has time to heat up before you have to park again.giphy (1)
    1. Being warm >>>>
  4. By the time you get home, all the snow has fallen off your car.1295001293_snow-pushes-down-man-from-roof
    1. Oh, right, I forgot my car is blue.
  5. You learn how to sleep in the car (only if you’re not driving!).tumblr_inline_mpsqoo4t0D1qz4rgp
    1. Or you can study if that’s more your style.
  6. Extra driving time=less homework time.tumblr_llr7sh7Xya1qext9f
    1. I need to sleep, but I also need to finish that essay…and that study guide…and those notes…
  7. Getting to school/home super late whenever there’s snow.john-snow
    1. Leaving at 3:30 and not getting home until 5? Yeah, not fun.
  8. Hence, you know what messy roads are actually like.1379584745_1771810144
    1. If you think Shaker’s roads are messy, try driving to my house.
  9. You get HELLA highway driving.859105_o
  10. If something is scheduled at HB between 4 and 6, you might as well stay.giphy (2)
    1. Parents: Can you stay at school until then?  You:  I:
  11. That feeling you get when you actually know a street someone is talking about.1tumblr_lgp6q5NhE21qcjtu8o1_500
    1. South Woodland? Lee? Warrensville? Shoutout to me ‘CAUSE I KNOW THEM!


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