By: Val Mischka

I am a proud Netflix addict, and here are some of my thoughts while I’m instant streaming.

1) I have a free during X maybe I can watch just one episode of Gossip Girl.

2) If I wait until 1:00 and then eat lunch for 10 minutes, then I will have enough time to see if Chuck finally says those three words and eight letters.

3) I have an hour to do my homework before dinner. I will play Friends in the background while I do my Math homework, because they’ll always be there for me.

4) Well, I have a study hall 2nd period tomorrow, and Wellness was canceled! That gives me time to watch two full episodes of One Tree Hill.

5) The theme song to American Horror Story is so scary, but so good! Tate and Violet are my one true pairing forever.

6) Netflix has the best throwbacks like Freaks and Geeks, for those days when you don’t want to relate to anybody, except, of course, James Franco.

7) I can’t deal with anyone right now; I need an independent, dark movie like Heathers, The Virgin Suicides, or Almost Famous.

8) What should we watch at the sleepover while we paint our nails and gossip about boys. How about Mean Girls, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, or Pretty in Pink?

9) I can’t believe we broke up, and all I want to do is lay in bed and watch Love Story or Titanic on my computer. Netflix you’re the real MVP!

10) What new show should I binge on next? Everyone keeps telling me Scandal, Grey’s

Anatomy, Skins, Orange is the New Black, or Friday Night Lights. All I ever hear about is Tim Riggins, so Friday Night Lights it is.

11) It’s 1:30 AM. Goodnight Netflix!

Thank you Netflix for always being here for us, through the good and the bad. HB loves you so much (as you can see from our internet usage). Instant streaming has changed the lives of many HB girls! You really are a true friend.

Sincerely, Val the Netflix Addict