Things To Do in Cleveland

By: Rachel Lowrie

You’re sitting at home on a Friday night, bored out of your mind and cursing your parents for choosing Ohio to be the place you grew up. With seemingly nothing to do, you grab that bowl of popcorn and click to Netflix, where the rest of your night is wasted away. At first glance, gloomy skies, blistering cold, and snow slush may seem like all that Cleveland has to offer. However, when you look beyond the surface of movie theaters, Legacy Village, and the occasional party, there is so much more that Cleveland has in store.

  1. Ohio City

Ohio City

Though it may not be the best winter destination if you do not own warm apparel, Ohio City is home to some delicious restaurants and the ever- so-popular Westside Market. If you aren’t familiar with the Westside Market, it is an indoor/outdoor market, home to over 100 vendors and packed with delicious sweets, baked goods, coffees, and practically anything else you could think of! If you’re not particularly hungry, that is not a problem! Swing by one of the many cute little shops that line West 25th Street, not to mention the many upcoming events in the city such as Brite Winter Fest. Having gone last year, I can assure you that it is nothing short of fun. With friendly faces, more small venders, and even live music, this event makes winter in Cleveland seem like a blessing rather than a curse. Ohio City is a great place to venture to.

  1. MOCA


Ready for some culture to spice up your week? Head to MOCA! The beautiful, famously designed building is a work of modern architecture that needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. It’s never too busy, so take the time to check out the revolving galleries of experimental art–many allow you to join in and make your own artistic mark!

  1. Cleveland Museum of Art


If contemporary art is not something that appeals to you, there is always the Cleveland Museum of Art. Not only is it free to get in, but also the $350 million complete renovation of the museum is breathtaking in itself. With more than enough exhibits to make your way through, this is a great place to spend your day. If you’re hungry, the café features delicious food with an open kitchen concept so that you can watch as the chefs prepare your meal.

  1. Edgewater Beach


It may not be the Caribbean, but it’s here! It’s not necessarily a winter hot spot, but it’s a great idea for spring or summer, which are really just right around the corner. Pack a picnic and spend a day this spring/summer in the heat and the sun on golden sand, enjoying the spectacle of native Clevelanders and dipping into the glassy, refreshingly cool waters of the lake. Make sure to pack a frisbee and a nice beach read, and get ready for relaxation.

  1. Cinematheque


If you’re ready for a change from the typical, explosion and cheesy-romance filled blockbuster fare, maybe it’s time to check out the hidden gem that is the Cinematheque! Secluded inside the CIA, this charming art house theater shows deep cut, avant-garde, and critically acclaimed shows nearly every night of the week. ‘Hipsters’ tend to frequent here, so people watching is always a plus. Arrive with your wallet and Hathaway Brown ID for the student discount and a chance to enter a raffle at every screening for a gift certificate!