Last Class of Senior Forum: The Mythical End to the College Process—A Senior’s Perspective

By: Jordan Doak

Last week, in my second official wellness class, we were presented a statistic: the typical college counselor is faced with a 1 to 900 ratio. That means 900 students to a single McCue, Visioni, or Tramer. In the senior class, that same ratio is approximately 1 to 31.

That in itself is proof that Junior/Senior Forum and/or the college office is not evil. And they have one of the best candy assortments in the school. To be honest, the time of forums is stressful, but it’s the stress of the process, not the class. The difference between the two should not be discounted. The idea of college is stressful until it’s over, and it will be over when you are ready for it to be over (a.k.a. you found the right school, and the right school recognized your existence in a good way, like acceptance).

Think of it this way: Nobody else has amazing people who sometimes care more about the process than themselves, giving students a literal timeline before walking them through the entire college process. You have at least four different sets of eyes for your essays, and these four sets of eyes have done this so many times that, by Malcolm Gladwell standards, they are professionals (they’ve done this for over 10,000 hours probably). Trade secret: Sometimes forum gets cancelled because they know that you’re stressed.

Kudos to you for reading Retrospect—you now know that if you look super dejected and stressed and generally dead, the college office sometimes offers you to use their Keurig.