By: Lizzie Crotty

Have you ever sat in the student center, heard your stomach grumble, and thought, “Hey! I wonder if the brown bag is open.” But of course, like the rest of us you were too lazy to walk downstairs and find out for yourself? Well, even if I’m the only one, this has happened to me a countless amount of times. I then had the idea, what if someone created a Twitter account for the Brown Bag that the parents ran? Then I began to wonder what other Twitter accounts would be extremely useful for HB students. Why not make use of social media to make our experience at school easier?

Here are the accounts I propose. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite two in this survey. You just might see one of them up and running in the near future!

Brown Bag irregular hours

For those hungry but lazy days


Dress down day alerts

For those times when you don’t feel like wearing normal pants and aren’t sure if you want to risk a point.


Teacher selfies

Who doesn’t love a good teacher selfie? Why not have an account dedicated to them?


Rooms that have candy and what kind

There is nothing more important to the HB experience than being able to find candy whenever you get a sugar craving.


Club meetings and food provided

Often the myriad of club meeting announcements start to blur and we all forget who is meeting, when and where, and of course what they have to offer food-wise. This account would condense that information so you can get your priorities straight.


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