Senioritis: It’s a Thing

By: Emma Bryan

As I lounge on the couch of the senior room not doing my homework that’s due next period, I can’t help but feel a lack of motivation that is unparalleled by any level of unwillingness to do work that I’ve ever experienced.  It’s not that I can’t do the work, it’s just that I’ve been doing work for three and a half years already, and I think it’s time I take a much-deserved break.  Yes, I’ll feel horrible when my teacher looks me in the eyes with that look of disappointment that comes along with failing to meet their expectations, and I will do the work eventually, but right now—in my malaise—I simply can’t.

Senioritis is a plague that hits seniors every single year, especially around the time of second semester once most people have sent in all of their college applications, and they’re all dreaming about life beyond high school.  Some have already been accepted into one of their top-choice colleges, and the process is complete for them; now, they screen the accepted students Facebook pages to find potential friends and roommates and shop online to prepare for the climate wherever they’re going.  The bottom line is most seniors are ready to be done with this school year and graduate; however, there are a few hurdles to the finish line—some good, some bad.  There’s still the thesis process, there are those classes that are impossible to do well in without a fair amount of effort, and there is the worry of the unlikely case that grades slip and colleges rescind acceptances. But there are also things to look forward to—skits, Carnival, senior skip day, pranks, and prom. Eventually everything, the good and the bad, will culminate in a walk across the courtyard in white dresses to receive our hard-earned diplomas.  Senior year, though the workload is possibly better than any other year in high school (depending on the classes you take and the college process), is a great year full of great challenges, and the main challenge is to stay motivated when all you want to do is spend your days at home watching Netflix.  Hang in there. At the end of the day, no one wants to regret how they ended their senior year, so even though it’s hard, and there’s no magical cure for senioritis, try to finish in a way that you’ll be proud of.

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