Playwriting Festival: A Student Production You Have to See

By Caroline Jobson

WHEN? February 20-21 from 7:30-9 P.M.

WHERE? Black Box Theater

WHAT? A series of plays entirely student-written, directed, and performed! Admission is free. See below for more information.

COMIC CON by Sam Keum and Brady Furlich

From stand-up comedians Sam Keum and Brady Furlich comes Comic Con, a play featuring a quirky cast of characters — Gandalf, Waldo, and R2D2 to name a few. Senior Lizzie Poulos directs and actors Gabby Valdivieso, Geoffrey James, Ellen Young, Kerry Gnadt, Christoph Fitzgerald, and McKenna Ritter portray the slough of characters so essential to this plot line.

DENIZENS OF DENILE by Caroline Jobson

Crafted by Junior Caroline Jobson, Denizens of Denile is a comedy centered around family conflict. Director Aubrey Cornwell and assistant director Kavya Menon coax actors Maaryah Malik, Sunny Roy, DianDian Hu, Sam Scott, Becca Lambright, and Myles Lundberg into their characters’ distinct personalities that ultimately come to a head.

GROUND ZERO by Olivia Leslie and Jordan Harris

Writers Olivia Leslie and Jordan Harris come together to craft, Ground Zero, a haunting narrative inspired by the tragedy 9/11. Senior Janavi Goldblum directs, Isabella Nilsson serves as assistant director, and Laura Mueller, Sue Roy, Jeff Holland, and Alex Wiebe compose the cast of characters of this play.


Equal parts tragedy and comedy, Dom McCoy’s play, Gambling Problems, centers around divisive family troubles that characters Lucas, Big Red, Leigh Ann, and Jeremy must confront. Director Morgan Austin and assistant director Maddie Shade coach actors Nathan Kim, Nathan Krebs, Kat Holleran, and Andrew Boyle into assuming these character roles.

CASINO DREAMS by Isabella Nilsson

Junior Isabella Nilsson’s dynamic comedy, Casino Dreams, features actors Katie Raguz, Lizzie Crotty, Jack Philbin, Talia Bhaiji, Grace Kennedy, Spencer Furlich, LingLing Ma, Dunadel Daryoush, and Claire Martens. With Emily Spencer and Brady Furlich acting as director and assistant directors respectively, this cast of characters is sure to impress.