By: Maggie Amjad and Isha Lele

2014 was another long, hard year for all of us, but filled with many good memories made with our friends and families. Although the world ending back in 2012 has not pulled through (big disappointment), 2014 was a great year for the HB community. Let’s look back at some of the best memories we made as a school this past half of the school year.

August: We started off the school year in desperate search of our lovely HB monogrammed cafeteria chairs. We, the class of 2018, were the ones to thank for the completely packed lunchroom. This year the freshman class is bigger than it has ever been in school history. We all vividly remember our first lunch of upper school. It was hectic and confusing. How were we supposed to know that the round tables by the windows are claimed by the seniors? It took a few lunches for us freshman to get the hang of things, but now we are pros—at least in our eyes.

September: Ahh, September: the month that serves as a preview of the upcoming year. The excitement of the new school year has died down by now, and so has the hot chocolate machine. Although 70 degrees outside, the hot chocolate and coffee tasted great for the two days it was featured in the cafeteria. September was also known for the sudden craze of spirit shirts. Weekly shipments of five different colored jerseys to the Brown Bag sold out after just a few hours. Whether it was white, maroon, or sky blue, we guarantee that over 80% of the student population owns at least one. If you’re still in desperate need of one, you’re in luck! The obsession over shirts has died down and there is now a large stock left in the Brown Bag.

October: In mid-October, the school broke out with Ebola. Just kidding—but apparently Hathaway Brown had an Ebola outbreak we were all unaware of (at least according to USA Today). At the time, we “purelled” after every page turn, and kept our bodily fluids to ourselves, but we now look back and laugh. There were soccer games postponed and our neighbor, Solon, even cancelled, but no one argues with the fact that HB did a fabulous job of handling the situation. Ebola wasn’t the only cause of chaos this past October. Guacamole and Tostitos took the Brown Bag by storm, quickly proving to be a favorite snack combination. Middle school students and upper school students quickly devoured the supply, eager for more. Thank god the Brown Bag is now well stocked, prepared for any mob coming its way. What would we do without our chips and guac?

November: In November, HB went international. Our Buckeye Nation was invaded by three Australian girls from the Ravenswood School of Sydney. In addition to the Aussies, HB hosted a student from Spain. Their host families eagerly showed them our crazy American traditions, from stuffing ourselves one day to chaotic shopping the next. These girls also joined us at the Thanksgiving assembly. We sang, listened to the orchestra, and shared how thankful we were for the amazing school we attend. One third-grader even brought up another “aspect” to be thankful for: the fact that Britain no longer rules over us. It was definitely different than the usual “thanks for my family”, but even Mr. Christ had to agree that he was thankful we won the revolutionary war. Ugh, those Brits.

December: A historic month for HB, maybe even the whole city of Cleveland. No snow days. Zero. Zip. Nada. Thanksgiving last month ended up being more “white and fluffy” than Christmas itself. The unusually high temperatures felt like “summer part two” to us experienced Clevelanders. The snowless ground was not the only thing making us HB girls sorrowful. Midterms, like every other year, did not fail to impress. Days of crying and cramming booked our schedules for two weeks. Although the constant reminders from teachers about not worrying were playing in the back of our minds on repeat, students still felt the pressure. Luckily, all survived and made it to IDEO. Wouldn’t want to miss Mr. Christ’s celebration of the seniors!

Looking back at the first half of our first year in upper school, we think of the chaos of the first few days, the laughs we shared with teachers and fellow students, the friendships we made, and the unhealthy amounts of anxiety we all shared over midterms. All we can find missing is a visit from our favorite boy band, Mixed Elements. A visit from them would make next year even better! Happy 2015!


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