By: Savannah O’Sickey

Although this winter has not been as harsh at last year’s, it has still been filled with cold days and large amounts of snow. Even walking outside can be an unbearable task, and it is important to stay warm throughout these frosty days. Thankfully, there are easy ways to do so! Here are some simple hacks that will help you avoid frostbite and make your winter nice and toasty!

  1. Stick your pajamas in the dryer! This easy hack allows for your pajamas to instantly become warm after a long day in the cold.Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.36.22 AM
  2. Layers upon layers! Never underestimate the power of wearing multiple layers. During the winter, the walk from your car to the door to the Hath may seem long and dreadful. However, one extra layer underneath your coat can make that walk a little warmer and more enjoyable.A-Christmas-Story1
  3. DIY Hand warmers!! If you are the crafty type then is just for you! With cloth, rice, and a stapler, you can instantly make hand warmers that will keep your hands when having to face the cold. If this project seems too much to take on, then pre-made hand warmers will work just as wellhand-warmer-valentines-10
  4. Tea! At the end of the day, warm tea it was one the best and easiest ways to warm you up. Pick out your favorite type of tea, warm some water, and there you go! If you are not tea fan, hot chocolate and coffee also work well.tea

And there you have it! With these hacks, I hope you no longer fear the cold but embrace it! And don’t forget… Spring is on its way!