How to Cope with Loss: T.V. Shows Ending in 2015

By: Carly Wellener

Your favorite T.V show might be ending this year and here are some tips on how to cope with these tragic losses:

Glee 2009-2015

Glee is entering its final season, marking the end of a glorious era filled with singing high school students. Now a new era is dawning, albeit a sad era, empty and purposeless due to an utter lack of singing high school students.

How to Cope:

Re-watch High School Musical (all three movies are required). Next become emotionally distraught at the end of HSM Senior Year and revisit the pain you felt back in ‘08. Use these nostalgia-ridden feelings to temporarily forget about the current pain of Glee ending. Repeat indefinitely.


Parks and Recreation 2009-2015

            Amy Poehler’s hilarious, mockumentary-style-show about the Parks and Recreation Department of a small town in Indiana is having its farewell season this year and it’s set in the future (2017). Life without all those quirky, lovable characters seems like it’s going to be pointless, and it probably will be.

How to Cope:

Give up now, nothing will compare. Decide to live under a bridge and ask people riddles before they cross or something.


Two and A Half Men 2003-2015

No one is sad; this show is way past its due date. There are three men now and one of them is Ashton Kutcher (???).

How to Cope:

Look at a calendar and realize its not 2005, then proceed with life normally, allowing this show to drift away into the void.

giphy (1)

Hot in Cleveland

BETTY WHITE IS 93!!!!!!!!!!!! Still, super sad that a show set in such a beautiful, hip, stunning, exciting, fabulous, exquisite, delicious, nutritious, wonderful city is ending. But I guess it makes sense, considering Betty White, who is in this show (obviously) is 93! I don’t think I can even count to 93…

How to Cope:

Continue the legacy of this show and keep being hot… and in Cleveland.