By: Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick

We interviewed the Basketball and Swimming & Diving captains on their spirit animals, pre-game rituals, and more!

Swim Captains: Catherine Mullen (‘15), Iman Eulinberg (‘15)

Diving Captain: Emma Bryan (‘15)

Basketball Captains: Jordan ElHindi (‘16), Kenzie Berk (‘17)

Q: How long have you been playing your sport?

CM: I have been swimming on a team since I was six-years-old.

EB: I’ve been diving since sophomore year.

JE: I have been playing HB Basketball since my Freshman year, but I have played the sport of basketball since the 3rd grade.

KB: I have played HB Basketball since my Freshman year, but I have played the sport of basketball since the 4th grade.

Q: What is your event/position?

CM: My best event is the 100 yard Fly, and I also swim the 200 and 500 Free, as well as the 200 Medley and 400 Freestyle Relays.

EB: I’m the Swimming/diving Team captain, but because of the different schedules that swimming and diving have, I mainly focus on the other divers, but we do support the swim team as well and we do things together as a whole team.

JE: Shooting Guard

KB: Shooting Guard

Q: Any pre-game/meet rituals?

CM: We all warm up together and do our cheer before every meet. We also have “Secret Psyches”, which means that you give a gift and you receive a gift from someone on the team before every meet.

EB: We have team cheers that we do.

JE and KB: We have many night-before-game-day and game-day rituals as a team. The night before, we will have a team walkthrough, but before practice ends we have to make one half-court shot. On actual game day we will wake everyone up in the team group chat and get everyone motivated. We have team dinner right after school and right before we play we will “pump ourselves up” by listening to music in the locker room and we will give the team a “pep-talk” before Paul and the other coaches come in to talk to us.

Q: If you could play a different sport at HB, what would it be?

CM: Probably lacrosse because I played all through middle school.

EB: I’ve played a lot of sports at hb (field hockey, cross country, diving, and track), but diving is definitely my favorite, and I wouldn’t choose another sport over it.

JE: Soccer

KB: Field Hockey

Q: Spirit Animal?

CM: Probably a dolphin.

EB: My spirit animal for diving is probably a dolphin because dolphins are pretty graceful, and a lot of my dives make me quasi look like a dolphin. I wouldn’t say I have an actual spirit animal outside of diving though.

JE: Horse

KB: Goat/Monkey/Giraffe

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