To Those of Us Who Like “Hipster Things”:

By: Madeline Shade

When I was really young, probably around age four or five, I had a Polaroid camera. I used to love taking pictures with the thing until, eventually, one day I ran out of film, and we couldn’t get anymore at the store because they didn’t make it. (Or at least they didn’t make it cheap enough for a five year old to go around snapping pictures.) It wasn’t until I was in eighth grade that I got back into taking instant photographs. My aunt gave me a camera that took minis (a Polaroid 300, half the traditional size of the Polaroid 600s) and this thing called a Smash book to put them in. My point is: I don’t just like Polaroids because they’re in fashion; in fact, I got one before the hipster community realized they were back in production. I like them because they’re fun and easy snapshots I can keep or give to my friends.

And still, sometimes I hesitate to snap a shot. I don’t consider myself a follower of the hipster fashion trend-that’s just not my personal style-so I don’t naturally like to be labeled as one and have the implications of another person’s social trends thrust upon me. Of course, the only one telling me that using these retro things gives me a hipster vibe is…well, me. I’m working on it. So, even though I know that I can like what I want from whatever style I want, it’s nice to have a reminder to stop labeling myself for taking an instant photograph after the 90’s.