How to Win over an HB Girl’s Heart

By: Morgan Whaley

For those who have ever needed pointers on how to steal an HB girl’s heart.



A toasty bagel with a spread of cream cheese will melt her little heart.


Know her favorite Starbucks drink by heart. And I hope you like coffee breath…


I hope you love a girl in sweats and leggings because let’s be real, every HB girls middle name is secretly “bum”.

Good listener-

Keep your ears wide open as she converses about her day, whether the current national debt or how the brown bag ran out of tostitos



Know who, when, and where and her heart is yours.



If “I’m suh tired right now” does not come out of her mouth at least once a day then she does not go to HB. This is why couches are necessary.



For a rainy day, Netflix is all you need.

Combine it all together for a blissfully happy girl from the Hath.