a day in haikus

By: Rebecca Weinberger

1. a new year, a new
class page. dear haikulearning,
thanks for functioning

2. my handwriting looks
nice in this word let’s admire
it for 12 minutes

3. i stayed up till 3
and then realized with horror
it is my drop day

4. hello parking spot,
my old friend. you look so flat
and ground-like today

5. slept through the alarm
ran into morning meeting
tennis won again

6. i would go and get
breakfast but you see i can’t
bring myself to move

7. i saw her wearing
leggings but said nothing. for
we are comrades here

8. the fancy lunch plates
almost made me think that i’m
classy. but i’m not

9. i gave a toddler
a high five and suddenly
felt a lot better

10. what day’s it? friday?
oh, tuesday you say? haha
oh man what a joke

11. it’s three seventeen
time to go procrastinate
ta ta for now, school